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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happiness Is...

A few good friends blog about HAPPINESS. I thought I’d take a spin at it because sometimes I forget to focus on happiness and GOD knows, I have plenty of things to be happy about in my life. Sometimes, LIFE can be overwhelming, challenging, and throw more than a few curveballs, but happiness is always there.

During the month of November, my FAMILY and I took turns sharing something we were thankful for, every day, at dinner. When Thanksgiving was over, CLAIRE wanted to do more. Now, we share something that makes us HAPPY. It's nice to have a child to remind you: Be Happy.

So,in no particular order, here are some of my happy moments:

Happiness is….

Listening to Claire’s out of tune voice SINGING Jesus Loves Me

Seeing MADELINE'S deliciously chunky BABY legs as she tries to run away from me

RUNNING up a hill, making it to the top and then the sweet cruise on the way down

Finding out a FRIEND was thinking of me

Being swallowed in a HUG by CHRIS after having ‘one of those days’

Listening to Jeff Buckley sing HALLELUJAH

Watching MAX walk, oh yes, he WALKS!

Picking up my MOM from the airport

Feeling PRETTY on the inside and out

Carrying my BABIES in my tummy

Holding my CHILDREN

SLEEPING in freshly washed sheets

Being with my FAMILY; just being

Barbara LeGere Photography

Oh, of course there is more, so much more!