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Friday, December 3, 2010

Love That Boy

When I was pregnant, I was never one of those women, when asked, Do you want a boy or a girl, would answer, A healthy child is what we want, while gazing lovingly at my husband and patting my pregnant belly. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't lovingly gaze at my husband, I do that every once in a while. And of course I wanted a healthy baby! That goes without saying (that request was in my prayers every single day). But I would answer honestly, I want a girl! I want ALL girls!

After I had Claire I was hoping my next pregnancy would bring another girl into our family. And it did. Sweet Madeline. But, it also brought Max.

Boy, oh boy. I wasn't disappointed when I found out I was pregnant with twins and one of them was a boy. As soon as we found out, the idea of a boy in our family just seemed to fit. A boy!

A boy?! I'm a girl. Claire is a girl. Chris, well, he's practically a girl with his sense of style and ability to cook better than any woman I know. How in the world would I know what to do with a boy?!

And then he was here. Max. Boy, oh boy. All boy.

I had no idea my heart could be stolen by a little guy weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs 2 ounces. But it was love at first sight. When the nurse handed him to me at the hospital for the very first time, he fit perfectly into my arms. And I knew then, I'd do anything for this boy of mine.

Max is an amazing son. He's so bright eyed and happy. He loves cars, dogs, and watching birds fly in the great blue sky. He's a sweet little guy that will share toys with his tough sisters and feed his Mommy because he cares. He adores his Daddy and looks at him as if he hung the moon. He gives twin sister kisses every morning and looks to her for direction. If you ask him if he wants a cookie, he'll smack his lips, yes please. He loves being outside, throwing sand out of the sandbox and making eyes at Mommy. He loves bathtime, playing with musical instruments and stacking blocks. Max is sensitive, a peacemaker and a people-person.

All those things describe my son and yet those words aren't enough to capture Max entirely. He's all those things and so much more. If you haven't met him, I hope one day you do. Only then, will you truly get Max.

Today, he was given another label. Physically Delayed. At 18 months, Max cannot walk. Max will start receiving Physical Therapy services to help with his delay. My heart broke when I was told this, even though I already knew it.

Max is going to be ok. He has a strong and mighty heart. Mighty Max. He will walk. And soon I'll be chasing him as his eyes shine brightly with joy, in a way that only Max's eyes can sparkle. I look forward to that day. In the meantime, my fighting gloves are on for my boy. We'll face this battle head on and I will be his voice; asking the questions necessary to help him. I will be his strength; guiding him through any exercise needed to help him. I will be his biggest supporter; cheering him on, on the days he is sure to want to give up. I will be his Mommy; always there to hug, kiss and love him, as he is, my boy, my son.

Dear Max. This poem is for you. Though I didn't write it, I think it captures all that I feel for you. I love you, Sweet Boy. Boy, oh boy. Love, Mommy

Love That Boy
by Walter Dean Myers

Love that boy,
like a rabbit loves to run
I said I love that boy
like a rabbit loves to run
Love to call him in the morning
love to call him"Hey there, son!"

He walk like his Grandpa,
Grins like his Uncle Ben.
I said he walk like his Grandpa,
And grins like his Uncle Ben.
Grins when he’s happy,
When he sad, he grins again.

His mama like to hold him,
Like to feed him cherry pie.
I said his mama like to hold him.
Like to feed him that cherry pie.
She can have him now,
I’ll get him by and by

He got long roads to walk down
Before the setting sun.
I said he got a long, long road to walk down
Before the setting sun.
He’ll be a long stride walker,
And a good man before he done.

Barbara LeGere Photography


  1. This is beautiful Nicole. It brought tears to my eyes and melted my heart a bit. What a sweet boy you've got on your hands. Some day he will be just as proud of you, as you are of him!

    THanks for sharing this.


  2. Thank you, Liz. He's most definitely a sweetie.

    Chris, I know <3, he does too.

  3. Love the poem. Also brought tears to my eyes. Soon he'll be running around, and you'll wonder whatever happened to those quieter days.

  4. I love this. Boys are so very special.. I never could have imagined until I had my own. You warned me that I would lose my heart to my little man as soon as I lay eyes on him, I just couldn't imagine, but I did! Max will pull through this, as will you. He's got 2 rough and tumble sisters; he can make it through anything!