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Monday, May 10, 2010

Movie Moments

I think any woman who watches a romantic comedy has thought: I wish that could be me. You know the scene. The camera pans in onto a couple who is having a romantic dinner, there is great eye contact and you can see how much he adores her. Or, a couple is ice skating in Rockefeller Center and they are holding hands, laughing, oblivous to the world around them. There is always a great soundtrack and in those moments we sigh and elbow our husbands while muttering, why can't we be like that?!

I would argue, we all have. We just don't have that great music playing in the background and a camera rolling at all times to capture our own movie moments.

I have found this entry the most difficult to write. Maybe because through everything, he has been by my side; good/bad, ugly/beautiful, broken/whole. And because of this, it is the most personal.

This entry is for you; my husband, my partner in life, my forever love, my very best friend. You've helped me make our very own, movie moments:

It felt like we were the only two people alive, let alone at the restaurant.
For once, he opened up and shared his heart and soul with me; no pretenses, no big talk, just honest conversation.
I threw my head back and laughed, he reached out to fix my hair.
He smiled. A truly happy, eye reaching smile that made his dimples appear to be miles deep.
I fell in love that day.
I wanted him to be mine and for me to be his.

Walking down a touristy street in Newport Beach.
We looked in shop windows and I noticed our reflection; a happy young couple.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me away.
He said, You're mine and I am yours.

Who really gets to marry the prince?
July 16, 2005 I married my prince; tattooed arm, dimples that my thumbs fit into perfectly, twinkling eyes, broken but put back together and loved with all his imperfections.
I felt like I was floating.
He felt so far away and yet was so near.
I walked down the flower petaled path feeling like it was all a dream.
I was so nervous and yet seeing him calmed me.
He looked at me and his eyes said, You're mine and I am yours.

All the kids were tucked safely into bed.
We had a glass of wine and talked about our perfectly imperfect sleeping angels.
Both of us consumed by our love for our children; we started to cry.
We danced to the music.
Our living room was our dance floor.
Parents, bestfriends, husband & wife; crying at the thought of our childrens' very existence; our loves, our hearts, our very breath.
The three best things that could have ever come out of two people meeting and falling in love.
They are ours, and we are theirs.

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