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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over...

A few days ago I decided to take away the TWINS' pacifiers. The pacifiers no longer seemed to be doing their job. Instead of pacifying them at night, they would CRY OUT, SCREAMING and frantically searching when they couldn't find their Too-Toos. We are on day three of no pacifers. Naps aren't going so well (well, here I am blogging to the sound of silence...maybe 3rd day's the CHARM?) and they are waking up almost 2 hours earlier in the morning. But, I'm trying not to focus on those NEGATIVES. Instead, we are now UP early enough on Wednesday mornings for me to make Spin class! They seem HAPPIER. They aren't whining as much through out the day or in the car because they want a pacifier! They are SLEEPING SOUNDLY through the night and not crying out, not ONCE, not a peep! We have to start waking up earlier because CLAIRE will be starting school in the Fall, so why not start now?! So yes, this is a BIG change in our house and the non-napping was starting to eat at me until I realized all these POSITIVES outweigh the one negative.

BIG changes can cause STRESS, ANXIETY and WORRY. I used to WORRY. A lot. SO much that the worry could make me sick to the point of UNHAPPINESS and near-DEPRESSION. What would I WORRY about? Any and every thing. But I realized that negative emotion did nothing GOOD for my SOUL, my MIND, my FAMILY. I turned that worry over to GOD. I decided to try to approach life with a half glass full mentality. Don't get me wrong, I'm not Miss Suzy Sunshine. I still WHINE, COMPLAIN, VENT, CRY and get DOWN. Just not like I used to be pre-twins. They changed my parenting style: for the BETTER. They showed me I can't control everything (someone ELSE has that job). MADELINE and MAX taught me to go with the FLOW and ACCEPT that sometimes my plans must be put aside. They have helped me to realize this is the only life we have here on Earth: ENJOY it, LOVE it, and really LIVE it. When I approach my LIFE with the half glass full mentality, it makes me realize not only is it half full, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.

They did it before...they can do it again! :)

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