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Friday, August 5, 2011

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

My blogs can get a little....wordy. Chris' eyes tend to glaze over when I ask him to read through a blog. I think he wishes I would use bullet points and cut out all the fluff. So without further ado, I'm cutting out the fluff on this one and going to let the pictures speak for themselves. (Ok ok, I cannot help but put captions, but that's for point of reference! Without them you wouldn't know if I was at mile 5 or 15!)

The day before...Do I look scared? I am!

15 minutes to race time. Yeaaaaaaaah!

I swear, I'm not doing the Phoebe Buffay run! I was just coming out of my signature "peace sign"....Really!!! Golden Gate Bridge, mile 6

Just about half way....

Mile 15? Who cares, I'm flying!!!

Mile 19. Feeling strong.

This photo brings tears to my eyes (not because I look scary, I do!) but because it's a perfect reminder of the pain and mental battle I was fighting. It looks like I'm barely running, the color is gone from my lips and I'm hurting. Bad. Mile 25.

If I close my eyes, will the pain go away? Mile 25 and 2 steps.

It's amazing what seeing the finish line can do. Added some pep to the step, brought my smile back (nevermind that it looks like Chris is dragging me across the finish line) and I was feeling some serious runner's high. 26.2

Happiness hit her like a train on a track....



  1. You are an amazing woman. Congratulations!!

  2. awesome! um, and to answer your "do you look scared question", the answer is NO!, you look like a freaking super model!!!

  3. Who is that handsome guy helping you cross the finish line?

  4. Just read your blog (from BBC)....awesome race WTG. Congratulations